How in ancient times did the bodies of the dead
As soon as a person dies, his body is usually buried or cremated. But in…

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Strange ancient artifacts, the origin of which no one can explain
The world is full of strange and mysterious artifacts. Some are almost certainly hoaxes, the…

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4 intriguing scientific versions of how the ancient Egyptians looked
In 2014, Ridley Scott removed his biblical epic "Exodus: Kings and Gods" and accidentally unleashed…


Secrets that historians cannot yet unravel
And today there are secrets that historians have not been able to unravel. Some of…

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largest fossil

In Israel, found a ring with a seal that belonged to Pontius Pilate

An unexpected statement was made by Israeli experts after a detailed study of archaeological finds discovered during the excavations of Herodion, a fortress built by King Herod. According to scientists, the ancient bronze ring, found by archaeologists in the middle of the last century, once belonged to … Pontius Pilate.
Mystery lettering
An unremarkable-looking ring archaeologists discovered 50 years ago during the excavations of the Herodion fortress in the desert near Bethlehem, conducted under the guidance of Professor Gideon Forster. This thing was only one of the thousands of the most diverse finds found at that time during the excavations of the grandiose structure erected by Herod and later became the place of his burial. The ring was found in a room filled with shards of glass, shards of ceramics, arrowheads, coins and other small objects. Continue reading

Found the 3700-year-old remains of a pregnant woman: How to give birth in ancient Egypt

During excavations in southern Egypt, archaeologists discovered the skeleton of a pregnant woman. The burial is about 3,700 years old and, as scientists assume, the find may shed light on the history of fertility and survival in the ancient world. The fact is that the mother and her child supposedly died during childbirth. And for ancient Egypt, this is a very typical situation.
Literally the other day, the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities officially reported that during the excavations carried out by the Italian-American group of archaeologists in the burial grounds not far from Aswan, a skeleton of a pregnant woman was found with a child stuck in the pelvis head down. Scientists have concluded that the death of an Egyptian woman, most likely, was caused by childbirth. Continue reading

The most amazing finds, which turned out to be dinosaurs: From the “little sparrows” to the ancient giants

The theme of dinosaurs is popular at all times. Amazing prehistoric inhabitants of our planet are shrouded in a halo of mystery, because we are separated by tens of millions of years. And how great it is that paleontologists from time to time manage to find the remains of these mysterious creatures, recreate their appearance and show the world the diversity of their types! In our collection – some of the most interesting finds, allowing to stretch an invisible thread into the world of dinosaurs.
A lump of mud was a dinosaur
One of the most informative fossils found on Earth is the nodosaurus skeleton, with well-preserved skin and lamellar shell, found in Canada by excavator operator Shaun Funk. While working in one of the mines, the man saw in the ground a huge frozen clod of dirt, which weighed about one and a half kilograms and had an interesting patterned texture. Continue reading