Strange ancient artifacts, the origin of which no one can explain
The world is full of strange and mysterious artifacts. Some are almost certainly hoaxes, the…

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10 archaeological finds that were made on the territory of Bulgaria and surprised scientists
The magnificence of Bulgarian archeology is often forgotten and spoken about Ancient Egypt and Greece…

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Plumbing, civil rights and technology: What the world lost when the Greeks conquered Troy, and the arias - the Dravidians
The legends of dark times in Europe and Asia are full of enthusiasm for the…


Riddles of the Etruscans, who do not give rest to scientists
The people who inhabited the lands of modern Italian Tuscany a little more than two…

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duck-billed dinosaurs

Bail’s treasures – unsolved cryptogram hiding the secret of countless riches

Reports of hidden and uncovered treasures, so even with an encrypted description of their location excite the imagination and modern man. Therefore, it is easy to imagine how a brochure with such content was received, published in the midst of the gold rush in the United States.
This happened in 1865. Virginian Book has published a brochure under the long title “Bale Documents or a book containing authentic facts about a treasure buried in 1819 and 1821 near Baford, Bedford County, Virginia, and not found to date.” The publication did not contain the name of the author, but it told on its pages an amazing story even for the present.
Allegedly, in 1817, a certain Thomas Jefferson Bale assembled a team and went to hunt bison on the Great Plains of North America. After some time, the group stumbled upon a rich gold mine about 250 to 300 miles from the city of Santa Fe, then owned by Mexico. Continue reading

The most amazing finds, which turned out to be dinosaurs: From the “little sparrows” to the ancient giants

The theme of dinosaurs is popular at all times. Amazing prehistoric inhabitants of our planet are shrouded in a halo of mystery, because we are separated by tens of millions of years. And how great it is that paleontologists from time to time manage to find the remains of these mysterious creatures, recreate their appearance and show the world the diversity of their types! In our collection – some of the most interesting finds, allowing to stretch an invisible thread into the world of dinosaurs.
A lump of mud was a dinosaur
One of the most informative fossils found on Earth is the nodosaurus skeleton, with well-preserved skin and lamellar shell, found in Canada by excavator operator Shaun Funk. While working in one of the mines, the man saw in the ground a huge frozen clod of dirt, which weighed about one and a half kilograms and had an interesting patterned texture. Continue reading