What treasures of the Inca came to our time, and where is the lost "golden" city of Paytiti
The legend of Eldorado, having arisen once, does not cease to inspire the whole world…

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Found the 3700-year-old remains of a pregnant woman: How to give birth in ancient Egypt
During excavations in southern Egypt, archaeologists discovered the skeleton of a pregnant woman. The burial…

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History of the calendar
Before the discovery of America and the beginning of its conquest by the Europeans, the…


Archaeologists have discovered the skeleton of a man who used a knife instead of a prosthetic arm
Who among us does not remember the formidable captain Hook, the inveterate enemy of Peter…

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interesting patterned texture

In Search of the Chronicles of Atlantis: The Secret Room under the Paw of the Great Sphinx

The Necropolis of Giza – a complex of monuments, including the Great Sphinx, the pyramids of Cheops, Khafre and Mykerina and other nearby buildings – the very fact of its existence causes the world to ask many questions. After centuries and millennia of legends, predictions and prophecies about the contents of the necropolis caches, these monuments, being researched by modern methods, continue to inspire scientists from different countries to search for traces of past civilizations. According to one version, the Sphinx hides a room that holds all the wisdom of the disappeared Atlantis.
The room under the right paw of the Sphinx?
With the discovery by Europeans of the pyramids, and then the mummies, sarcophagi and other unique phenomena of ancient Egyptian culture, countless speculation began to arise regarding the past of this mysterious land. The secret room, where the wisdom of the gods is hidden, is described in ancient sources. Continue reading

Skulls with patterns and other mysteries of the ancient Turkish city of Gobekli Tepe, which became an archaeological sensation

The place where the ruins of Gobekli-Tepe are located first came to the attention of scientists back in the 1960s. However, at first almost no one paid attention to the archaeological find. Only at the turn of the XX-XXI centuries, the scientific community recognized the great importance of this temple complex, which harbors many mysteries and makes rethink the whole history of mankind.
1. The scale of construction causes only guesswork.
For a long time nobody knew about Gobekli-Tepe. Nearby residents, who plowed up a field here and grew oats, continually cleaned the stones that prevented them, did not even suspect that in this way they destroyed the upper part of the temple, built back in the Stone Age.
Near the round-shaped sanctuary, archaeologists have discovered several smaller structures. Since there are no signs that the people lived here, the buildings were most likely intended for rituals. Continue reading

The most amazing finds, which turned out to be dinosaurs: From the “little sparrows” to the ancient giants

The theme of dinosaurs is popular at all times. Amazing prehistoric inhabitants of our planet are shrouded in a halo of mystery, because we are separated by tens of millions of years. And how great it is that paleontologists from time to time manage to find the remains of these mysterious creatures, recreate their appearance and show the world the diversity of their types! In our collection – some of the most interesting finds, allowing to stretch an invisible thread into the world of dinosaurs.
A lump of mud was a dinosaur
One of the most informative fossils found on Earth is the nodosaurus skeleton, with well-preserved skin and lamellar shell, found in Canada by excavator operator Shaun Funk. While working in one of the mines, the man saw in the ground a huge frozen clod of dirt, which weighed about one and a half kilograms and had an interesting patterned texture. Continue reading