Decorations of Neanderthals, figurines from Ghana and other ancient art objects, which pushed for scientific discoveries
People just need food, air, water and creative expression. And so, judging by the findings…

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The great archaeological discoveries of civilization
Archaeological discoveries are always reminiscent of the creative mind of our ancestors. It is also…

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Giant images of the Nazca Valley: Communication with a deity or signals to space ships?
Civilizations left in the past have left riddles to modern man, on the solution of…


Ambiguous facts from the Bible, about which today archeologists and religious scholars argue
Perhaps there is no other such book in the world in which so many contradictions…

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foreign specialists

In Search of the Chronicles of Atlantis: The Secret Room under the Paw of the Great Sphinx

The Necropolis of Giza – a complex of monuments, including the Great Sphinx, the pyramids of Cheops, Khafre and Mykerina and other nearby buildings – the very fact of its existence causes the world to ask many questions. After centuries and millennia of legends, predictions and prophecies about the contents of the necropolis caches, these monuments, being researched by modern methods, continue to inspire scientists from different countries to search for traces of past civilizations. According to one version, the Sphinx hides a room that holds all the wisdom of the disappeared Atlantis.
The room under the right paw of the Sphinx?
With the discovery by Europeans of the pyramids, and then the mummies, sarcophagi and other unique phenomena of ancient Egyptian culture, countless speculation began to arise regarding the past of this mysterious land. The secret room, where the wisdom of the gods is hidden, is described in ancient sources. Continue reading