The most amazing finds, which turned out to be dinosaurs: From the "little sparrows" to the ancient giants
The theme of dinosaurs is popular at all times. Amazing prehistoric inhabitants of our planet…

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Riddles of the Etruscans, who do not give rest to scientists
The people who inhabited the lands of modern Italian Tuscany a little more than two…

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The great archaeological discoveries of civilization
Archaeological discoveries are always reminiscent of the creative mind of our ancestors. It is also…


Bail's treasures - unsolved cryptogram hiding the secret of countless riches
Reports of hidden and uncovered treasures, so even with an encrypted description of their location…

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public toilets

The mystery of Mohenjo-Daro – the ideal ancient city, all of whose inhabitants died in a flash

This city in the Indus Valley on the territory of modern Pakistan attracted the attention of scientists in 1922. The walls of baked bricks, the perfect layout of neighborhoods and buildings, the presence of plumbing and sewage said that in ancient times there was something great. Subsequently, it turned out that the city was built around 2600 BC. e., which means that he is a contemporary of the civilizations of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. However, according to archaeologists, all its inhabitants died almost instantly. Why?
There were even plumbing and toilets
The ancient city of researchers gave the name of Mohenjo-Daro, which in some Indo-European languages ​​means “Hill of the Dead.” But the cause of his death has not yet been solved. Continue reading