The mystery of the Roman Lycurgus Cup: Nanotechnology in the ancient world?
The British Museum holds a very beautiful ancient exhibit - the Roman Lycurgus Cup. But…

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Archaeologists have discovered the skeleton of a man who used a knife instead of a prosthetic arm
Who among us does not remember the formidable captain Hook, the inveterate enemy of Peter…

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Mayan Crystal Skull Riddle: Ritual Props of the Priests or Fake Archaeologists
It was an early summer morning on the Yucatan Peninsula. Archaeologists who excavated the ancient…


Skulls with patterns and other mysteries of the ancient Turkish city of Gobekli Tepe, which became an archaeological sensation
The place where the ruins of Gobekli-Tepe are located first came to the attention of…

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only remote opening

Giant images of the Nazca Valley: Communication with a deity or signals to space ships?

Civilizations left in the past have left riddles to modern man, on the solution of which the best minds of historians and archaeologists are thrown. A number of riddles have an explanation, but some remain a mystery throughout the centuries, which scientists cannot explain. One such mystery was the giant drawings in the Nazca Valley in South America.
The Nazca Plateau is located in the southern part of Peru and covers an area of ​​approximately 7 kilometers by 50 kilometers. For a long time, local residents paid attention to the lanes stretching along the valley for tens of meters, considering that they were made to help the travelers with orientation. Some of the bands were straight, some had a different form – one way or another, until humanity invented air transport, nobody could look at the patterns entirely. Continue reading

Interesting facts about the entrance door

The need to protect their homes exists from time immemorial. Historically, in the gland, people have seen something so solid and durable, which can be protected. In the entire history of mankind, the technology of manufacturing door structures, as well as the materials from which they were made, changed many times. We will speak about such ordinary metal entrance doors, but as it turned out with a huge amount of interesting facts and a non-standard history.
Interesting fact number 1: in 2010 in Zurich (Switzerland), archaeologists discovered the front door, which is about 5 thousand years old. Thus, this find is the same age as the British Stonehenge. According to scientists, the door structure has survived to the present day due to the fact that at that time the harsh climatic conditions forced people to build their houses around the lakes, and this required strong wood.
Interesting fact number 2: the oldest wooden door, still in use, is located in Westminster Abbey (UK). It is reliably established that it is made of oak, felled in the 11th century. Continue reading