Egypt is not one: Where and why the ancients built the pyramids
Everyone knows about the famous pyramids of Egypt. Thanks to their huge size and amazingly…

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10 archaeological discoveries, because of which rewrote the history of ancient Greece
Ancient Greece is undoubtedly one of the most impressive "chapters" in the history of mankind.…

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How did the first coins appear, what was before them, and who printed the first bills
Money - quite an ancient means for calculations. But market relations arose much earlier. For…


A spiral of skeletons, a bound woman and other ancient tombs that seem strange
It so happened in history that after the death of a man he expected a…

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10 strangest archaeological finds

During the excavations, archaeologists first of all pay great attention to the discovered antiquities – be it dusty clay fragments or luxuriously painted frescoes. But on the surface of the found antiquities, sometimes no less interesting finds can be found which can tell no less about the days gone by than the artifacts themselves.
1. Smiling pot
Not so often an ancient potter with a sense of humor. When archaeologists dug up a 4,000-year-old pot, he “smiled” at them. In 2017, when in Turkey near the Syrian border, on excavations that have been going on for 7 years, they discovered another broken pot, it seemed that there was nothing unusual in it. But when the restoration team gathered the fragments in a big pot-bellied pot, she noticed something very familiar to modern people – a smiley. Continue reading