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Note that PMS shades may vary and that your monitor may not accurately render the color swatches below. To best decide on a plastic spiral binding color we suggest that you obtain our sample color card. Contact us on-line to obtain your color card, or call us at 1.800.531.7145 (within the U.S.).

Our plastic spiral bindings are manufactured in all the colors listed here, in diameters ranging from 1/4" to up to 3", in four different hole-punch spacings. Visit our diameters page to view the full range.

black 01

green 07
(PMS 348CV)

neon red 41
(PMS 1788CV)

green 16
(PMS 347CV)

lite blue 24
(PMS 30CV)

bright red 30
(PMS warm red)
(no image)
clear 02

blue 08
(PMS reflex blue)

neon blue 42
(PMS 072CV)

green 17
(PMS 354CV)

pastel blue 25
(PMS 628CV)

orange 32
(PMS 172CV)

white 03

maroon 10
(PMS 221CV)

brown 12
(PMS 462CV)

polygreen 19
(PMS 364CV)

purple 26
(PMS 268CV)

burnt orange 35
(PMS 158CV)

grey 04
(PMS 420CV)

neon green 20
(PMS 365CV)

tan 13
(PMS 466CV)

turquoise 21
(PMS 324CV)

lilac 27
(PMS 688CV)

gold 36
(PMS 470CV)

silver 05
(PMS 424CV)

neon orange 34

yellow 14
(PMS 122CV)

navy 22
(PMS 289CV)

pink 28
(PMS 481CV)

mint 38
(PMS 332CV)

yellow 06
(PMS 605CV)

neon yellow 40
(PMS 309)

dark green 15
(PMS 364CV)

blue 23
(PMS 286CV)

hot pink 29
(PMS 1787CV)

teal 39
(PMS 320CV)

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